Authentically Authentic by Jamaal Wesley Featured on Times Square New York's Billboard

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Jamaal Wesley

Accepting His True Self & Helping His Audience Do the Same

Jamaal is an entrepreneur that is developing a jewelry line from a queer perspective catering to the themes of inclusivity, self-expression, acceptance and pride. He decided to further his creative passions after a cancer scare in September 2020. Before that, Jamaal spent 15 years working in the insurance industry prioritizing stability and comfort. Little did he know how loudly his heart would speak after his life changing experience in 2020.

Since the theme of the jewelry line is rooted in self-expression and staying true to one’s self, Jamaal decided to share his own story of self-discovery with the world. “Authentically Authentic” is his story of transforming imposter syndrome, traditions, and societal pressures which empowered him in embracing his sexuality, forgiving others and living unapologetically.

In addition to the jewelry company, Jamaal looks forward to relaunching his life coaching company, Living Enlivened, in the coming months.


Jamaal Wesley





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A Queer Perspective on Life & Authenticity

Jamaal shares his innermost fears and vulnerabilities in his memoir, “Authentically Authentic.” The guiding narration of his life made the memoir a self-help book for everyone, queer or not, to transform imposter syndrome and societal pressures into embracing love, forgiveness, self-love, self-expression and living a created life.

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